We have all heard the Sermon of how we need to:  “Live for God” , We have all said:  “I’m trying to live for God”  We have probably told people….you need to quit living for yourself and start living for God….then things will begin to change in your life.  

Is it possible?  “To live for God?” Does the New Covenant Support this Ideal?

How many of us have…walked down and Isle, responded to the invitation of a Revival service, or simply got down on our knees after some sort of shortcoming or failure and vowed that we will determined to pull ourselves up by the “bootstraps of our soul” and renew a commitment to “LIVE FOR GOD!”

How many soon afterward failed in your renewed commitment?

It seems to be a noble quest, concept and Ideal to boast of this statement!  How many would raise your hands if I asked: How many are “trying…attempting” to live for God?


What would you think if I told you that this approach will only set you up for failure — that this approach was really an attempt to achieve in the flesh what can only be done in the spirit!.  That this approach was really offensive to God and the Gospel of Christ!

The New Covenant gives a better way: No amount of gumption or fleshly determination is going to enable you to Live a more Godly life!  SO WHAT DO WE DO?  I believed it can be solved in the matter of a preposition.

What am I getting at? So what is the Answer for living a life that is pleasing to God?  A life that could be considered “successful Christianity”?  

Lord gave me this:  “I’m not living for God…God is living for me!”

Remember: “Right believing leads to right living!”  not the other way around.


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