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Trinity Kids...

learn about their Heavenly Father and have fun doing it.

We believe that children are created with a sense of wonder and curiosity. They are created to have an adventurous spirit and an endless supply of energy. The children’s ministry of Trinity Church Palestine embraces those characteristics and provides a fun and safe environment for your child to learn, explore and connect with their Heavenly Father.

Trinity Kids meet on Sunday at 11:00 AM and  Wednesday at 6:00 PM.

Multicultural Kids holding hands in the air.
Children smiling in the children's ministry of Trinity Church Palestine, Texas
Boys in the Youth Ministry, playing a game at Trinity Church Palestine, Texas
Girl in the Youth Ministry of Trinity Church Palestine, TX painting a wall

Trinity Youth...

Learn they can live a life on fire for God.

Our youth ministry, The Ember Association, teaches our youth to be appointed ones on fire for God (John 15:16). We encourage our youth to take a stand for Christ even when others don’t. Everything we do is intentionally designed to assist students in experiencing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are committed to teaching the Word of God which has every answer to life’s challenges. Friendship is a priority for every student and no one will be left behind.

Our youth experience God through teaching of the word, camps, and fellowship events throughout the year. We welcome you!

The Ember Association meets on Wednesdays at 6:00 PM.

Trinity Men...

Learn to be connected to God’s Word.

Trinity Church men’s bible study is a place for all men to be equipped, encouraged and connected to God’s Word. It is a time when the men of Trinity can come together and share struggles and victories. Men are inspired by the Word of God and supported by their fellow brothers in Christ.

The men’s Bible study meets every Tuesday morning at 9:30 AM.

Man in the Men's Ministry of Trinity Church Palestine, Texas speaking
Praying woman in the Women's Ministry of Trinity Church Palestine, Texas

Trinity Women...

Learn the Word of God is living and active in their lives.

Trinity women’s ministry is the community of women who gather to fellowship, mentor and connect in a safe supportive environment. Trinity women’s ministry is where women engage with God while uplifting and encouraging one another in faith. Women’s ministry meeting times vary throughout the year.

Check the church center app or click below for meeting opportunities.

Small Groups...

Learn to walk together as they learn about Christ.

Join a Trinity small group to connect, receive encouragement, develop friendships, and experience growth in your spiritual walk with Jesus.

Groups meet throughout the week at the church and cover a variety of interests and topics.

hands holding the bible


Learn to be sons of thunder.

The first question we are usually asked is, “How do you pronounce it?”  In ancient greek, Boenerges means “Sons of Thunder” and is pronounced boh-uhnur-jeez. Jesus called James the son of Zebedee and John the brother of James the “Sons of Thunder” (Mark 3:17 ESV).

Boenerges represents the wild and free spirit of the kind of men that Jesus called. We are born again sons of God who thunder our praises down the back roads on our iron horses. 

If you love to ride bikes and to be associated with people of God who have been redeemed by the glorious grace of Jesus……then this club is for you!